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November 2022 Update

Hi everyone, it has been a while! In 2022, I focused on a lot of other projects, and didn't really take as much time as I should have for Material Forge. Well, that's changing!

I've downsized my workload and streamlined the amount of sites I have to manage, in order to make more time for Material Forge and the other Sqeezi Entertainment properties. I'm happy to kick things off with a return to the Payhip platform for our website, so that I can focus more on providing great content for you all instead of having to worry about site security and defending against the hundreds of daily attackers trying to gain access to the site. My time is better spent making materials for you!

I'm also making our entire product line available on Gumroad, and on Friday, Nov 18th, I'm releasing a new pack of parchment textures and a new set of Scifi Fabric tiles.

Some other things are in the works, including physical fabrics for our Etsy shop - I already have several of these available, so head over there if you'd like to check them out. Let me know if this is a product type that would be useful for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts on fabrics and other physical goods.

More stuff to come, until next time, cheers!

-Donnie / Material Forge