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November 2021 Update

This month we have new branding, new products, and a whole new store!

New Branding

I recently redesigned the Material Forge icon and logo elements, and am working on updating them across our stores and product images. Here's a look at our new logo, icon, and primary brand color:

Material Forge Logo

Look for the new branding to appear on all our pages soon, and let me know what you think about the change!

New Product: Scifi Fabrics Volume 1

If you follow my Instagram or Twitter, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Repper. I recently hand-illustrated some abstract scifi/block patterns that I imported into Repper to turn into fabric textures.

Scifi Fabrics Volume 1 features 42 4k textures in a black/white/grey color scheme, and not only do they look great on cloth models, many of them are well-suited for floor tiles and wall panels.

Check 'em out here:

New Store - Material Forge & Payhip

In recent years, WordPress and WooCommerce have become such a pain to launch a shop. I'm not a fan of their "nickel-and-diming" to buy modules and subscriptions for very basic functionality that used to be included in the platform. Plus, it's gotten extremely difficult to customize the layout of store and product pages.

I'd much rather put that time and effort into creating new products for my customers.

So while I still have other sites I run that depend on the WP/Woo ecosystem, I've decided to go with Payhip for our site and store here on I love how simple and fast it is to setup shop, and uploading product files and images is super-fast. I basically built the entire site in a day and everything is running smooth.

If you have any questions about the new store and ordering, just drop me an email via the Contact page here on our Payhip shop - I'd love to hear your feedback and look forward to helping you find the right textures for your project.

Happy texturing!