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Changes to our Cubebrush Store

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great December so far! I’ll jump right into it, this post is about some recent changes at my Cubebrush store.

As part of an ongoing effort for branding, product, and price consistency across the different platforms I use for sales and social media, I’ve changed the name of the Sqeezi Games store on Cubebrush to @MaterialForge. Most of the existing products there were all Material Forge products, and it was just confusing to customers to see the Sqeezi name on everything.

I also just released Scifi Fabrics Volume 1 on Cubebrush, and I’m also pretty excited to add the rest of our texture packs and more artist tools to the shop.

One thing that has been inconsistent across platforms is pricing. Each platform handles license options slightly differently, and some don't allow certain price points, or mandate higher prices on certain products. I'm doing my best to even these prices out so things are the same across all of our third-party marketplaces. My goal is to have everything match exactly on every site, but that's just not possible with some sites; so it may be that one product has a difference of a couple dollars depending on the marketplace.

It's an ongoing effort, so if you see something that just looks WAY off price from another market, I've either missed it or it's possible I haven't gotten to adjust that price yet - so feel free to @ me on Twitter or Instagram and let me know!

So that’s it, a just a name change to one of our third-party marketplaces, along with updates to the new branding. Reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with our Cubebrush products!